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Students may have already been exposed to qualitative arguments and evidence their early education, but sometimes understanding quantitative evidence is trickier. What is the difference between these two things?

  • Qualitative evidence uses patterns and comparisons primarily. It usually uses observations, surveys, and interviews. It is more interpretive and can sometimes be subjective.
  • Quantitative evidence uses numbers and statistics exclusively. If the idea cannot be expressed mathematically, then it is not in this category. Scientific investigations use quantities to measure observations and phenomenon to a very precise level in an objective way that can be repeated elsewhere.


When writing this type of report, you are writing it for a technical audience which has a background working with numerical content, like charts, graphs, rates and probabilities. You would not want to rely very heavily on statistics if your audience was not equipped to understand them. A statistic is a number that summarizes in some fashion numerous measurements from a collection of objects, often called the sample population. Some common statistical measures are:

  1. Mean: the average of the population
  2. Median: the middle value of the sample
  3. Mode: the most frequent measure in the dataset
  4. Standard deviation: the amount of deviation from the average contained in the data sample

These quantities are useful for speaking about groups of data in a conventional coherent way. These math concepts are used in political polling, laboratory experiments, economic measurements, scientific observations and many other areas.

Using some statistics in your essay to bolster your main thesis is a very powerful way to back up assertions you are making. Quantitative evidence is generally regarded as the strongest form of support for arguments.

Despite this fact, there are still some problems that can arise here. If you encounter any statistics during your research pay close attention to how those numbers were generated. Do a reality check with these quick questions:

  • How big are the uncertainty bars or margin of error? If they are too large, then the number is suspect as well as any conclusions drawn from it
  • How big was the population sample used? If it was too small, then don't put much credence into the result.
  • Was the experiment or survey question impartial? Bias can creep into any methodology and affect any scientist. Be on the lookout for partiality in the surveyors.


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