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APA Style Papers

APA Style is the established style of formalization, applied by the American Psychological Association (APA). Commonly, it is applied for quotations from sources - in psychology, education, and social sciences. The basis of this format was laid in 1929, issued in one of the Psychological Bulletin. These guidelines have been developed in the Manual of the American Psychological Association.

General rules of college APA style format

This style enacts a number of determined principles of design of citations and allusions in the document. In almost all cases, the quotes that emerge in your work should be marked in a section with a list of literature. In general, the author quotes should be accompanied by a note, that named the originator and the date of promulgation.

Formatting in the style of the APA provides a lot of technical details: font size, line spacing, margins, and headers. To obtain the best estimate for execution of the work, you should follow fixed requirements:

  • For the main text, use Times New Roman 12 point font. For titles and illustrations of signatures, use a font Arial;
  • Use double-spacing for the material, including body text, headers, footers, quotations, references and illustrations signature;
  • Set the indentation of 1.27 cm of each paragraph for the first row;

Each format should be numbered in a specific order, each chapter or unit should be initiated from a new page. All pages should be numbered coherently before sending the publication, beginning from page 1:

  • Page 1 - a title page;
  • Page 2 - summary of your work;
  • Page 3 - the starting;
  • Tables should be set on the registry of references;
  • Illustrations are disposed after tables.

In obedience to the rules of the APA style, the main text should keep four partitions: introduction, methodology, results, and conclusions. Each unit should be respectively entitled and align on the center. The only exception is the introduction (the name of your work), printed in normal fount.


After a few weeks or even months of studying, preparation, and editing of the work, you may be tempted simply print it and be done with it. This disorder can come back to you later when you reveal that your work does not meet the norms of the APA or a teacher. The supervisor is required to pay attention to the formatting and links in your work and, most likely, will deduct points from the assessment if he finds serious errors. So try to find the time to verify the grammar, spelling, structure and formatting.

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